A Bird’s Eye View

Vic PayneI got a call the other day from a friend and was asked “What’s happening today at Adonis Bronze?” I hadn’t walked out back lately and so I took a stroll. There is a sort of a balcony overlooking the production facility from which you can stand and get an overview as to what is happening that day in production. There was this huge monument being constructed. The Artist is Vic Payne who is no stranger to Adonis. This monument though is particularly spectacular. Just the size impresses you firstly and then the complexity and finally the shear beauty of the artwork.  This is what is always so fun here at the Foundry. You never know what to expect each time you visit the back. It could be a life-size wagon train or a fabricated modern art piece. Whatever you find it is interesting and impressive. Right now we have a replica from the original Michelangelo piece “The Pi eta  in our gallery. If you want to come by and visit Alpine Art Gallery you can see it for a short while. I don’t know how long it will be here so hurry by. Well that’s my birds eye view of what’s happening in the world of art at the Adonis Bronze Foundry today. Drop in and give us a visit.