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Fantasy Con Dragon Fountain is Installed Today!

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Dragon Fountain


Today Gary Streadbeck, President of Adonis Bronze Foundry and his two sons, Andrew and Ethan put the finishing touches on the 16 ft high Dragon Fountain that greets exhibitors and guests to Fantasy Con  Salt Lake City 2014. The piece looks great and when the fountain is running, water blasts down on the Knight’s shield simulating the Dragons breath of fire. Onlookers can’t seem to get enough of it. Already everyone wants to get their photos taken by it and the show hasn’t even opened. Show dates are July 3rd through the 5th.

Fantasy Con is Coming to Utah and Adonis Bronze is Helping Make It Happen

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Fantasy Con is coming to Salt Lake City, Utah on July 3-5, 2014 and Adonis Bronze has been selected to create the entrance monumental sculpture for the event. A computer generated figure of a Knight in armor, with raised shield, fights off a giant Dragon with flames spewing  from it’s mouth. The flames will be a stream of water that will be deflected by the Knights shield and collected in the pool at his feet, only to be recirculated back to the Dragon’s mouth.


DSC_7965This minature model was created from  the 3 dimensional image and printed in a composite material for the initial visualization. This piece only stands less than a foot tall. The piece will eventually be enlarged by means of our 5 axis CNC milling machine. The enlarged foam image will be covered in fiberglass with an internal steel armature. The piece needs to be able to be transported easily and then reassembled at the many various locations where Fantasy Con will travel around the country.



DSC_8483Here the Pres. and CEO of Adonis Bronze, Gary Streadbeck, stands next to the enlarged foam base. You can get an idea of just how large and impressive this piece is going to be.


Attention Adonis Artists 2 New Projects to look at.

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Two New Projects

Below are two new public art opportunities:

  1. 1.     Temporary Public Art Project in Indiana:

Deadline is February 15th, 2014 (11 p.m. EST).

The Greater Greenwood Arts Council in partnership with the Greenwood Parks and Recreation department are proud to announce the 2014-2016 temporary installation of sculptures along Polk Hill trail in Greenwood, IN. During the 2-year time period, the artwork will be viewed more than 7 million times by vehicular traffic, trail use, and nearby community events. An award of $3,000 is available for each sculpture selected. Digital submissions via Hightail of 1, 2 or 3 already completed and available artwork will be accepted. Please see open call document at // for complete information. Questions can be emailed to


  1. ARTIST OPPORTUNITY: City of Dubuque, IA, Art on the River, temporary public outdoor sculpture exhibit

DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 10, 2014

The City of Dubuque, Iowa, is soliciting applications from qualified artists over the age of 18 for the 2014-2015 Art on the River temporary outdoor public art exhibit. Each year, 10 sculptures are chosen to be placed at highly visible locations along the picturesque Mississippi RiverWalk at the Port of Dubuque. Thousands of residents and tourists view the exhibit. Selected artists receive $1,500 for loaning the work for a year. A $1,000 cash award for Best of Show is given to one artist. Sculptures must be for sale. Up to three entries per artist are accepted. There is no application fee. General Information and Application Forms are available online at or by contacting Jerelyn O’Connor at, 563-589-4110.


As always, good luck!

Orange Co. CA Looking for Artists

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Green Public Art Consultancy, in partnership with Arts Orange County, is excited to announce this call for sculpture for the City of Newport Beach, CA.


ATTENTION Adonis Bronze Artists:

Ten selected artworks will be prominently showcased for a period of two years in the heart of Newport Beach at the newly created Civic Center Park. The 14-acre, ocean-view site was specially designed by renowned landscape architect Peter Walker as an intended sculpture garden. Participating artists will have an extraordinary opportunity to have their works experienced over an extended period of time in a city that is a popular visitor destination and is home to some of the world’s best-known major art collectors as well as the award- winning Orange County Museum of Art.

ELIGIBILITY: This call is open to all professional artists and artist teams, private collectors, galleries and museums/non-profit organizations. All applicants must be over the age of 18.

DEADLINE: Friday, February 28, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)

BUDGET: Selected artists will receive an honorarium of between $2,500 and $6,000 in exchange for a two-year loan of their artwork.

QUESTIONS: Please direct all questions to Kristina Colby, Program Coordinator, Arts Orange County at (714) 556-5160 x14 or



Second-Star-to-the-RightSculpture Second Star to the Right  by Scott Streadbeck

I am just suggesting may possibly be a great sculpture for the Orange County Park.

Request for Qualifications – Park City Highway 248 Project

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Quinn’s Junction/Highway 248 project
Park City Public Art Advisory Board
Park City Municipal Corporation
$84,000 Maximum Commission
Deadline for Submittals – February 5, 2014 3:00 p.m.
Park City’s sense of community is the glue that transcends both the aesthetic and functional qualities of the town and the majesty of the natural environment, with all its incredible recreations opportunities. Park City is a community of involved citizens. It’s a reason many people came and continue to stay in Park City. It’s vitally important to residents that the community they know remain intact and retain its funkiness and playfulness – Vision Park City 2009 Summary Report
●●●New PictureNew Picture (1)New Picture (2)
Sculpture is planned to be located near the entry to Quinn’s Recreation Complex.
This area is accessed from State Road 248, near the Highway 40 Intersection.
●●●New Picture (2)

New Picture (1) New Picture (2)

Sharon Bauman, CMC  Senior Recorder / Elections Official  City Manager’s Office


Park City Municipal Corporation 445 Marsac Avenue PO Box 1480 Park City UT 84060 Phone:  435-615-5184 Fax: 435-615-4901


New Picture or RONI THOMAS Public Art Program Manager SALT LAKE CITY ARTS COUNCIL SALT LAKE CITY CORPORATION TEL 801-596-5000 54 FINCH LANE Salt Lake City, UT 84102    

Zions Bank Speaking on Business

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Adonis Bronze – Alpine Art Center

Alpine Art Center 09-16-13 4Today December 3, 2013 Speaking on Business aired: Featuring Adonis Bronze and The Alpine Art Center. //


We would like to thank Chris Redgrave and Zions Bank for the radio feature and promotion.


For more things that Zions Bank can do for your business go to

Genius Just Happens for Dennis Smith

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I am always amazed when I visit what we call the point up room here at Adonis Bronze. Having made my living at sculpting once, I truly appreciate standing in the presence of Dennis Smith’s greatness. When entering the room I must pause for more than a minute or two, absorbing the art. There is always so much to take in. Never do I see the same piece being worked on, but dozens of new and exciting creations from children, mothers, and families to perhaps dogs or geese with goslings.  I must admit it is simply my type of fun. If you have never visited the web site of Dennis Smith Sculpture it is a must if you like art. The freshness, pure rawness and sheer genius are at play. Take a moment and have some fun with us as we enjoy Dennis’ artwork here at Adonis Bronze.


Artists Rennert and Shure Monuments Completed

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Well Friends, we are finishing up two monuments that we had previously blogged about. The piece we referred to as 9 ft. lady with lantern, “Liberty” by Bob Shure of Skylight Studios, and the piece “Big” by Jim Rennert. Bob’s piece will actually have a lantern that will be lighted. Congratulations to both artists for their magnificent work.

"Liberty" by Bob Shure Big by Jim Rennert

Bob Shure’s 9 Ft. Woman with Lantern Returns to Adonis Bronze

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DSC_9207DSC_34749 ft. Woman with Lantern9ft. Woman with Lantern


As you may remember the 9 ft. woman with lantern that Bob Shure created has returned to Adonis for casting and  is now almost completed. Workers are putting the finishing touches on it. The steps were as easy and 1,2,3.  First Bob created the original artwork in clay and sent it to Adonis for digitizing. The piece was scanned and enlarged in foam to 9 ft. tall. The foam parts were shipped back to Bob for assembly and clay finish. A rubber mold was made on it and shipped back to Adonis for casting. The finished piece will soon be shipped to a location in Alabama for permanent installation. Please visit us for all your bronze casting and enlarging or reduction needs.