Bob Shure’s 9 Ft. Woman with Lantern Returns to Adonis Bronze

DSC_9207DSC_34749 ft. Woman with Lantern9ft. Woman with Lantern


As you may remember the 9 ft. woman with lantern that Bob Shure created has returned to Adonis for casting and  is now almost completed. Workers are putting the finishing touches on it. The steps were as easy and 1,2,3.  First Bob created the original artwork in clay and sent it to Adonis for digitizing. The piece was scanned and enlarged in foam to 9 ft. tall. The foam parts were shipped back to Bob for assembly and clay finish. A rubber mold was made on it and shipped back to Adonis for casting. The finished piece will soon be shipped to a location in Alabama for permanent installation. Please visit us for all your bronze casting and enlarging or reduction needs.