Enlargement & Reduction

Enlargements & Reductions
State-of-the-art laser scanning equipment at Adonis 3D converts high detail scans into code. With this code, foam enlargements can be carved using the 5 Axis CNC router creating a fast, lightweight, and efficient way of enlarging a model to its full commissioned size. These foam forms are assembled and then covered in a thin coating of oil-based clay, plaster, epoxy, or other surfacing material. From there, they can be molded and cast using the lost wax casting process or painted and finished as-is for your final presentation.
This technology can also be used to reduce a sculpture in size and create a 3D printed model in several different materials and sizes. These printed pieces can also be molded or finished as needed.


Pieces can be either enlarged or reduced depending on the project.

This video shows the entire enlarging process.