Fantasy Con is Coming to Utah and Adonis Bronze is Helping Make It Happen

Fantasy Con is coming to Salt Lake City, Utah on July 3-5, 2014 and Adonis Bronze has been selected to create the entrance monumental sculpture for the event. A computer generated figure of a Knight in armor, with raised shield, fights off a giant Dragon with flames spewing  from it’s mouth. The flames will be a stream of water that will be deflected by the Knights shield and collected in the pool at his feet, only to be recirculated back to the Dragon’s mouth.


DSC_7965This minature model was created from  the 3 dimensional image and printed in a composite material for the initial visualization. This piece only stands less than a foot tall. The piece will eventually be enlarged by means of our 5 axis CNC milling machine. The enlarged foam image will be covered in fiberglass with an internal steel armature. The piece needs to be able to be transported easily and then reassembled at the many various locations where Fantasy Con will travel around the country.



DSC_8483Here the Pres. and CEO of Adonis Bronze, Gary Streadbeck, stands next to the enlarged foam base. You can get an idea of just how large and impressive this piece is going to be.


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