Jim Rennert “New Generations” Monument

This month we cast a piece for artist Jim Rennert.  Jim was born in 1958, and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah. After 10 years of working in business Jim started sculpting in 1990. He had his first bronze sculptures cast by a foundry in Lehi, Utah in 1992. Jim began exhibiting his work in commercial galleries in 1993. Jim has been working closely with Adonis Bronze in latter years. This piece was commissioned by a large insurance company and will be going to their corporate headquarters in Minnesota. Adonis laser scanned the artist’s  small model figures which we milled and enlarged for the monument. We then welded large plates of steel to form the structure on which the sculptures stand. The piece is very impressive. Jim has a long list of monumental art works that may be found around the country.

“Generations” by Jim Rennert