Request for Qualifications – Park City Highway 248 Project

Quinn’s Junction/Highway 248 project
Park City Public Art Advisory Board
Park City Municipal Corporation
$84,000 Maximum Commission
Deadline for Submittals – February 5, 2014 3:00 p.m.
Park City’s sense of community is the glue that transcends both the aesthetic and functional qualities of the town and the majesty of the natural environment, with all its incredible recreations opportunities. Park City is a community of involved citizens. It’s a reason many people came and continue to stay in Park City. It’s vitally important to residents that the community they know remain intact and retain its funkiness and playfulness – Vision Park City 2009 Summary Report
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Sculpture is planned to be located near the entry to Quinn’s Recreation Complex.
This area is accessed from State Road 248, near the Highway 40 Intersection.
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Sharon Bauman, CMC  Senior Recorder / Elections Official  City Manager’s Office


Park City Municipal Corporation 445 Marsac Avenue PO Box 1480 Park City UT 84060 Phone:  435-615-5184 Fax: 435-615-4901


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